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Muka Media has been fortunate enough to play a strategic role in the development of many projects across various genres and media platforms. We provide the following services on television, radio, print, digital and social media projects:
– Research & concept development.
– Proposal writing.
– Production and resource management.
– Producing.
– Post-Production management.
– PR and Marketing.
Do you have a project you need help to bring to fruition? Do you need expert input to get your project from concept through to public consumption? Why not get in touch with us today and let us know your needs. EMAIL US:
***For a glimpse of our work…please take a look at some of our work with Phuthuman Productions below.

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Project Example:
One notable brand that we work with is Phuthuman –  Culinary & Food Consultants.

The brainchild of Chef Mr Sibu Mbatha – with the Phuthuman Brand we have been researching, developing, fundraising, packaging and marketing various projects that include:

A TV Series: 13 part Cookery Series & Travelogue
A Cookbook – Phuthuman’s Braaible
A Venue – The Taste Theatre
Merchandise – Phuthuman’s Chillies

An old video of an original pilot from Phuthuman – done in 2009. New one coming soon….
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