Mimi’s Academy brings you “Create Your Own Brand Workshops South Africa”: April & May 2019!

We are pleased to announce that Muka Media will be facilitating the Mimi’s Academy www.mimisacademy.comCreate Your Own Brand workshops which will take place in Johannesburg and Gaborone in April and May 2019. We are busy finalising venues, but do contact us for more information. Mimi’s Academy is a sister company to the award winning beauty care brand Mimi’s Organics. Take a look at the Create Your Own Brand video below to get a feel of what to expect. #organicskincare #skillsdevelopment #natural #organic #creativeprojectmanagement #mimisorganics #rumbiserima #nomsamwamuka #loveyourskin #createyourownbrand
Email us for more information: nomsa@mukamedia.online. Find out more on Facebook

Create Your Own SkinCare Brand with Mimi’s Academy & Muka Media! South Africa 2019

New African Cook Book by Sean & Ingmar

2019 is all about partnership to get new books to market. This is a project we are thrilled to be working on, with the intention of getting to market in South Africa and around the world. The New African Cook Book is a masterfully produced visual journey through the diverse foods and cultures of our continent. Written by food stylist and recipe writer Ingmar Niezen and Director/Photographer Sean Fitzpatrick. it is a exciting study on contemporary African food culture. The book was initially published in the Netherlands as a Dutch version in 2013. Muka Media is working with the producers to launch the English version from South Africa! Hey publishers out there….we looking for publishing partners. Anyone interested? #africanfood #africanculture #africanbooks #culturalfoods #creativeprojectmanagement. Please watch “The Making of The Book” video to a taste of the writing on the link below! Find out more via email: nomsa@mukamedia.online


Image from the @New African Cook Book By Sean Fitzpatrick & Ingmar Niezen


Here is the video for one of the books that Muka Media is distributing. Muka Media provided a broad range of production services to bring the book to fruition. Service we provided included: developmental editing, proofing, picture selection and now we are contributing to the marketing process. Remember you can find it on www.amazon.co.uk. Search for it by title The Black Girls Little Black Book of Beauty! or use the authors name. We would love to hear what you think about it. Visit the author’s site @Rumbi Serima

Don’t miss: To order copies or get more information please email: nomsa@mukamedia.online

Black Book of Beauty Out Now!

We are pleased to announce that The Black Girls’ Little Black Book of Beauty is out an now available right here! www.amazon.co.uk

This little book is the ultimate guide to organic and natural skin and haircare. It has beauty regimes, hair care solutions, tips for holistic eating and living ideas. It has DIY recipes for making quick, personalised, do-it-at-home beauty care products. It also has a ‘little’ but detailed section on “good” foods and nutrient sources to own, claim and get your life-loved, body (skin/hair) mind and soul ‘balanced’ and back-on-track.

The book is authored by Rumbi Serima who is an award-winning skincare formulator, a serial-entrepreneur, trainer, mentor and author. Her passion for a holistic approach to life was ignited when her eldest son, Matthew, was diagnosed with autism at the age of 5. To ease his discomforts, she thoroughly researched, gained skills as far as cosmetology qualifications; learning how to formulate “natural and organic” products and ultimately establishing her brand: Mimi’s Organics Ltd www.Mimiorganics.co.uk. Her gift is her will to share her knowledge and skills.
Rumbi is the founder of Love Your Skin Magazine and Mimi’s Academy

Muka Media with personal input from Nomsa Mwamuka   provided project management services and gave editorial support on the project and we love it! Like it on Facebook & of course contact us for more information. Email us: nomsa@mukamedia.online  #creativeprojectmanagement #projectfacilitation #organicskincare #natural #organics #africanbooks #africanbeauty #nomsamwamuka!

Image @BlackGirlsBeautyBook