New African Cook Book by Sean & Ingmar

2019 is all about partnership to get new books to market. This is a project we are thrilled to be working on, with the intention of getting to market in South Africa and around the world. The New African Cook Book is a masterfully produced visual journey through the diverse foods and cultures of our continent. Written by food stylist and recipe writer Ingmar Niezen and Director/Photographer Sean Fitzpatrick. it is a exciting study on contemporary African food culture. The book was initially published in the Netherlands as a Dutch version in 2013. Muka Media is working with the producers to launch the English version from South Africa! Hey publishers out there….we looking for publishing partners. Anyone interested? #africanfood #africanculture #africanbooks #culturalfoods #creativeprojectmanagement. Please watch “The Making of The Book” video to a taste of the writing on the link below! Find out more via email:

Image from the @New African Cook Book By Sean Fitzpatrick & Ingmar Niezen

Nubian Princess World

2019 is really promising to be an exciting year in the African publishing realm, especially when it comes to the growing interest in children’s literature. For this reason, we are very excited about our partnership with Nubian Princess World. The brainchild of author Fanta Joalane Jabbie, the series of 11 full-colour, creatively illustrated, multi-lingual children’s books is designed to introduce young readers to the lives and experiences of young girls from different cultures, peoples, and places in Africa.

The books are designed and illustrated by talented cartoonist Mr Sifiso Yalo are “fairy tales – African style” Each book gives an insight into the traditions, customs and languages that each character – “a princess” represents.

The series lends it self to great merchandising possibilities which Muka Media will be working with Nubian Princess World to bring to life in the coming months. Look out for this! #nubianprincess #africanbooks #childrensstories #africanprincesstales #africanprincesstales #creativeprojectmanagement. Find out more by visiting Email us: