New African Cook Book by Sean & Ingmar

2019 is all about partnership to get new books to market. This is a project we are thrilled to be working on, with the intention of getting to market in South Africa and around the world. The New African Cook Book is a masterfully produced visual journey through the diverse foods and cultures of our continent. Written by food stylist and recipe writer Ingmar Niezen and Director/Photographer Sean Fitzpatrick. it is a exciting study on contemporary African food culture. The book was initially published in the Netherlands as a Dutch version in 2013. Muka Media is working with the producers to launch the English version from South Africa! Hey publishers out there….we looking for publishing partners. Anyone interested? #africanfood #africanculture #africanbooks #culturalfoods #creativeprojectmanagement. Please watch “The Making of The Book” video to a taste of the writing on the link below! Find out more via email:

Image from the @New African Cook Book By Sean Fitzpatrick & Ingmar Niezen