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Over the years, Muka Media has been involved in supporting and facilitating numerous creative projects – from books, to films, radio and events across various media platforms.

Two projects we were very excited to work on in 2019 include:
a) The Princess Tales – a project with Ms Fanta Jabbie of Nubian Princess World.
b) The New African Cookbook – a project with Netherlands based “foodies” Sean Fitzpatrick and Ingmar Niezen

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The Nubian Princess World is a series of full-colour, creatively illustrated, multi-lingual children’s books that introduce young readers to the lives and experiences of young girls from different cultures, peoples, and places in Africa. The stories are individually titled The Princess Tales because at the heart of each story is an African princess.

Each story, in the series, provides a window into the life of the princess – revealing the traditions, customs and languages she represents. The stories are “fairy tales- African-style” – melding elements of myth, magic, legend, intrigue but always with a happy ending. There are, to date, 11 titles in the series that will be translated into indigenous languages.

Muka Media is working with Nubian Princess Tales to bring the book to market and initiate the merchandising (dolls, crafts) that will form part of the project. #Creativecollaboration #creative project management!

Project Example 2

The New African CookBook – Delectable Tastes of Africa

Read what the authors had to say below!

The New African Cook Book was published in Dutch in 2012 by Kosmos Publishers. as a hard cover, 15000 copies, 224 pages and 210x210mm in size. It has 81 recipes, illustrations, interviews and interesting information on ingredients and foods and eating culture in different parts of the continent. Muka Media is providing project management services to get the book to market and publish the second edition which is currently being updated. #Creativeprojectmanagement. #Creativecollaboration! Interested? CLICK HERE

Caril de Caraguejo – Stewed Crab Soup in Coconut Milk as seen in The New African CookBook
Try something different: Pap Croutons from The New African CookBook
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