Books play an invaluable role in our lives. At Muka Media we love reading and writing them! Over the years, we have been involved in authoring and compiling various books, and have several book projects under our sleeves, so to speak!
Please read below for two of our projects: Township Girls- The Cross over Generation and Makeba: The Miriam Makeba Story. –

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Township Girls
A book to read at leisure…

In 2015, we were invited to be part of book project titled Township Girls-The Cross Over Generation. Township Girls is an anthology, a compilation of stories written by 30 women about their experiences of growing up during the transition from pre-to post colonial Zimbabwe. The book was launched in Harare, Zimbabwe in October 2018, in Rome in November 2018 and will be launched in South Africa, Frankfurt and Canada over the first few months of 2019.
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It is published well-respected Publishing House
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Project Example 2:  Makeba: The Miriam Makeba Story

In early 2004, we proudly contributed to co-authoring the book Makeba: The Miriam Makeba Story (STE Publishers). The iconic project was used as part of a basis of a documentary on the life and times of Mama Africa. The book, authored by Nomsa Mwamuka, is out of print but we hope to do a re-release in time to come.

Please see the iconic Miriam Makeba in this 1969 video taken in Sweden!

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